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Shipping Container Office & Coffee Shops Designs.  Pop up coffee shops and offices are here to stay and growing in popularity.  Perfect for school as a canteen, somewhere to house all the sporting equipment, the possibilities are endless.  Need help with a customized plan, contact us now.  Start building your new Shipping Container building today. 

Shipping container stores are one of the fastest-growing trends, thanks to their immense flexibility and versatility. You can use shipping container stores to expand business operations, open a new brand, or even start a chain of restaurants.  The possibilities are endless.  Cafe or pop-up shops are becoming so popular today and are a real way to turn heads and stand out from the crowd. Let’s face it, it’s hard not to give a funky container cafe attention as you walk or drive past.

Several major franchises have cashed in on the trend of customizing containers into visually appealing pop-up businesses.

From artisanal stores to big-brand retailers such as Nike, owners love the idea of low-cost, quick-setup, shipping container stores that provide a novel shopping experience to customers.

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