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Shipping Container Home Design 20 Foot 14.4 Doe.
Low Cost Affordable Container Home House Plans


 Ideal Small Home design

  • Shipping Container Style
  • Affordable Living Design
  • Large deck to front
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom

Total Area: 14.8 m2 OR 160 sq. ft.

20 Foot - 14.4 Doe: 160 sq. ft. / 14.8 m2

$99.95 Regular Price
$69.97Sale Price
  • What's Included

    Concept House Plan in PDF Download

    Imperial Inclusions:
    Floor plan Dimensions in feet and Inches
    Elevation Plans in feet and Inches
    Electrical Plans in feet and Inches
    Window Schedule in feet and Inches

    Metric Inclusions:
    Floor plan Dimensions in Metric Sizes
    Elevation Plans in Metric Sizes
    Electrical Plans in Metric Sizes

    Other Inclusions:
    3d Front Render
    Copyright release for building

    More Info on  Concept plans.

    If you own the concept plans, you have a major advantage when shopping for a builder.

    As you can get several builders to compete or bid for the job and get the best possible price.

    This will normally save you many thousands of dollars, compared to using the builder's plans as he owns the copyright on his own plans, and it illegal to have other builders bid on his design.

    So you are open to legal action for breach of copyright. This can even happen years after the home is complete.

    Whereas if you own the concept plans, this saves all that risks.

  • Up-Grade to Full Construction Plans $214.50

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