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Chapter 7.


 “Out of the box ”

Plumbing Rough in  

Your plumber can now do the plumbing rough in, or fit all the pipes into the walls, liaise with the plumber as to the type of bath, basin/ vanity etc. as there may be different fittings or heights of taps. The plumber may also use grommets in the steel framing where the pipes pass through or he may simply silicone them in place - Either way is acceptable.

Electrical Rough in  

Your electrician can now pre-wire the home. Give special thought to the position of the circuit breaker board and meter box. Go to each room and mark the floor with a felt pen, an arrow pointing to the position of the switch or plug.  Mark single or double power points.  The electrician will also fit the TV cable and phone points. 


2nd Council Inspection 

Council inspections must be called if you have added any structural wall change to the building. 


Simon Say’s “Be prepared for the inspection” 

It is very important to have on site:

  • Council approved plans (marked “builders copy”) 

  • Specifications and the soil report 

Note if the plans are not on site when the inspection is called, the council inspector will not pass the job. 

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