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Chapter 13.


 “Kitchens, sinks and vanity ”


The kitchen can now be fitted, make sure you have the cut-out sizes for your sink and stove / oven cook top so your kitchen installer can have them ready for the final fit off. 


Open Plan suits container homes best 

Kitchen design trends change almost as regularly as fashion trends. One trend that emerged in the 50s took root and became the norm in Western kitchens including our very own. What was that trend? It was the open plan kitchen. 

For a decade or so, home builders had a choice between open plan or separate kitchens. Then open plan became almost obligatory. If your home wasn't open plan, you were behind the times. Although the trend isn't reversing, kitchen designers today are taking another look at separate kitchens. In some homes, they can be a better choice. 

Open Plan vs Separate Kitchens 

Open plan living came into vogue during the post-war housing boom. The idea of an open plan kitchen came as a revelation to home buyers, especially those who spent a lot of time in the kitchen. Cooks, typically mothers, were no longer locked away at the back of the house away from the rest of the family. The kitchen is now central to modern homes and family life, bringing everyone together in a flexible, inclusive space. Life often revolves around the kitchen, and lifestyles have also become more casual. 

With an open plan kitchen, they could carry on with their social and family life while they worked. Even when alone in the house, the airy, spacious atmosphere of an open plan kitchen was far more enjoyable than the cramped confines of a separate kitchen. 

Simon Say’s “Open Plan suits container homes best” and research various design options for small tiny homes.

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