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Chapter 6.


 “Go Ahead! MAKE MY DAY ”


Profiling is basically preparing your block and marking out where the perimeters of the container house are. 



A drainage plan should be supplied to you with the approved plans when they come back from council. If not they can be obtained by calling the local council. This plan can then be given to the plumber for an accurate set-out to main connections. 

Footing Preparation 

The container home can sit on stumps so you will need a small footing for each stump or steel posts.  If you have plans prepared, you can set them out as per those details. 


Council Inspection 

Council inspections must be called before any concrete is poured in the footings. Stump holes or concrete slabs.

It is very important to have on site:  

  • Council approved plans (marked - “builders copy”) 

  • Specifications and the soil report 

Note: if the plans are not on site when the inspection is called, the council inspector will not pass the job – you will have to rebook another inspection and hold up any concrete pours. 

Shipping Container placement 

With your footing and stumps in place you can now place the shipping container in position. 


Modifications to container  

The Modifications start with any new frame installation, following the plans you have had drawn you can install the frame for the internal walls. 


Fitting of doors and windows   

You can now fit the external doors and windows in place. They should be fitted as per the manufactures specifications and made secure and water tight. 

1 Bedroom Shipping Container Homes

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